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Stephen Dixon, Inc. -- the Company

Stephen Dixon Inc. is headquartered in Middleboro and has been building homes in Southeastern Massachusetts since 1978. Its primary market area is the towns along Rte 195 corridor from Westport to Wareham and also includes Middleboro, Rochester and Lakeville.

Dixon’s mission is simple. “Build our clients one of a kind homes as if they were our own.” In order to achieve this goal we strive to provide exceptional service at every step of construction. We also provide our clients with a Builders Written Warranty that is second to none. We have a 30 day 120 day and one year call back schedule. We notify each of our clients at these intervals so we can make arrangements to take care of any items that need our attention. We want all our clients to know that we are committed to serving them long after construction is complete.

In 2008 Stephen Dixon, Inc. earned the designation of “Certified Green Professional” from the National Association of Home Builders. This designation will allow the company to help its clients to analyze energy conserving options and upgrades for cost effectiveness and pay back as well as incorporate Green Building products and ideas into their new home if they desire.

Dixon’s goal is to provide every client with a pleasurable stress free building experience while providing them with the quality home they deserve.